Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grass EP

Well first I'd like to apologize for being rather lax in my postings, but i have a good excuse my internet has been down since Monday. So to make up for that i have a treat for y'all. Now Presenting Philly's own GRASS.
Self described as "Ambient, Metal, Punk, and Sludge" and I think they do a pretty good job of combining those genres in relative equal parts. They remind me of everything I like about ISIS, but they do it in shorter songs that lean a little more towards the doom spectrum. There is a very "organic" feel for this whole work and the art work captures the feel of the music flawlessly. So check'em out

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top 3 Albums I Can't Wait For...

Cave In "White Silence"

Dark Castle's new release

Baroness "Yellow Album"

If you have anything to add please feel free to comment

Labirinto "Anatema"

Labirinto is :
Erick Cruxen - guitar
Daniel Fanta - guitar
Muriel Curi - drums
Joaquim Prado - guitar, synths, bass
Matheus Barsotti - second drums
Vitor Visoná - cello
Heitor Fujinami - violin
Nathan Bell - banjo
Luciano Sallun - sitar

Labirinto is from San Paulo, Brazil. They specialize in creating emotional, yet dark, atmospheric post rock. And Let me tell you that is where their strong point lies. Now apparently from what I could find in English on the web is that these guys are all D.I.Y. Making there own cds, shirts, posters, flyers etc. But enough about them, this 6 track album doesn't have a song on it that is under 10 minutes(awesome).Now what really turned me on about this album is the use of layering. it's so seem less that it feels like the instruments all come together when needed but also have their own distinct voice. Also I am a sucker for Cellos and Sitars so this album rubs me the right way. But honestly this is some of the most ambitious Post Rock I've heard in a long stop being a cheap skate and toss up 6 bucks for a band that has done their time touring and playing shows.

Or  if you are too cheap for the 6 bucks then you can download the 3 song EP for free

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tree Of Sores s/t

Grueling, swirling, dark abyss. This Album's intro takes me to a darkened room that I can't get out of. Combined with the Tortured Male and Female Vocals this 3 piece really comes out swinging. Chugging heavy riffs and tight drumming, musically this album leaves little to the imagination.The kinda remind me of Dark Castle but with a more groove(also the album art kinda looks like Sunn 0)))'s The Black One sideways).Honestly the first time I Listened to this i was a little put off because the the female vocal delivery was so frightening, but after the second go round it kinda grew on me. So did I mention free download on bandcamp? Check them out!

Red Sun "Great American Woodland Ape"

This three piece from Ohio, is doing something rather interesting. The are taking their own spin on the sludge-y thrash metal (think Canada's Bison B.C.) And i kinda sense a strong punk rock almost hardcore vibe that these guys bring to the table. On thing i can say is that the mix could be a bit heavier. This band has it in them to be a little more aggressive i think that they defiantly have it in them and that would make this a even better single to showcase what they can offer.

King Crimson "Court of the Crimson King"

After listening to this album on Vinyl today I just want everyone to take the time to listen to this album and really appreciate it. The most influential Progressive rock albums ever. You can agree or disagree with that statement and say " No way!! Rush's Moving Pictures is a thousand times better" well I say Fuck You.

and no download you need to own this. (side two is over time to flip again.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Riffian "Shaman's Visions"

Sleep Junior. Tribal Drums, Arabian Scales, sweet stoner groove. I Really Dig This Band Camp discovery I seriously read the name and was like "this is going to be awesome" The singer kinda reminds me of an Al
Cisneros and a mix of the dude from Godsmack. So apparently the Ukraine knows what's up with stoner metal. What really sold these guys to me is the fact that this half an hour album is broken down into 5 parts; one song. Now musically it's exactly what you would expect from this genre, Eternal Riffian isn't really pushing too many barriers. But it's very well done, don't get me wrong, the dynamic shits are tasteful and almost anticipated while you are listening. A lot of the time stoner bands tend to ride riffs to death, but not these guys, the tasteful bass fills give the music a constant forward motion. While some of the FX in the background of Part III Yax Imix Che (the Path) keep you listening deeper to the music.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coffinworm "When We All Became None"

Sludge circa EYEHATEGOD not to mention plus their singer has dreadlocks. These are some gloomy dudes, hailing form the city of Funeralopolis, (Indianapolis,IN) their interests consist of "Contemplating the futility of existence on the tree of woe" but yea they did stuff with Unearthly Trance. Also Decibel named this one of the 10 most anticipated albums of last year. I listened to this through a good pair of cans on my bed and the shit is pretty amazing.granted i can't make out what the lyrics are they sound cool. There's are a lot of sweet guitar riffs buried in the mix i find that the shear heaviness might turn off people off of music like this, but truth be told if you like your music heavy and loud COFFINWORM is for you.

Ramon Zarate "Oyster"

Well taking into account today's date I thought some Bulgarian Stoner Rock would be perfect. Ramon Zarate has shared the stage with such acts as; Alabama Thunderpussy, Dozer, and Firebird. I've never seen them live but I hope that they are as good as this album makes them sound. The drums are mixed perfectly, the solos aren't too over the top and they vocals seem to give the entire album a forward direction. I can't really place what his voice reminds me of, but it's pretty similar to someone. someone help me out here....damn. well check'em out and tell me what you think.

Graveyard s/t

Well i've noticed, there has been alot of post rock recently so here's a treat for you, RETRO ROCK!!!
Now there has been something I've Noticed is recently there is seriously too much good stuff coming out of Sweden, and not just those gummy fish. Ghost... and well these guys.

Anyway they have a new album coming soon "Hisingen Blues" so keep an eye open for that one. But if you are a fan of classic heavy rock, with a tinge of folk, then this is something for you.

The Seven Mile Journey "Notes for the Synthesis"

Post-Rock from Denmark. Well here's the deal  very atmospheric, super gloomy, and lots of dynamic shifts, not to mention I think every song has one track of tremelo picking really low in the mix, No real surprises , not saying that it is bad, it's just rather formulaic. I still give these guys cred they have been doing this long form post rock for more then a decade. Just sucks that American post rock has kinda flooded the listening market, and real gems like this slips through the cracks.

Also If you can find their other album "The Metamorphosis Project" i suggest you give that one a listen as well

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

September 22nd "Hello, Throne..."

 A friend of mine turned me on to these guys.At first  I thought "what a weird name" is it for international hobbit day? A thinly veiled political statement? or maybe something to do with the TV show Lost....  anyway thet describe themselves as "post rock" but i think there is so much more going on here. To me it's really a shame that these guys didn't make it, and broke up. You can hate on me fore posting a "dead" band if you want to. But these guys had musical Dynamics Down. Where music climaxes, they take it a step further and farther. By doing so created something that really was ahead of it's time. not only that there are some catchy tunes. so if you can find "Hello, Throne" anywhere give it a listen and pass it on to a friend.

Monday, April 18, 2011

het Droste Effect

Het Droste Effect is,
Guitar/bass/field recordings/recording/mixing: Hermann Blaupunkt
Drums/conga's/artwork and design: Thompson Dubé

Bass on Lollita Can Dance: Siem Nozza
Sax on Lollita Can Dance: Edward Capel
Monotron on Balsem voor de Oren: Chris Draaijer
Vibraphonette on Sweet Dreams Bandito: Chris Draaijer
Mastered @ Eindbaas Mastering

This probably the biggest sleeper album I've Heard all year. Spanning from Kraut Rock to Psychedelia Het Droste Effect's  heavy use of field recordings this 4 track all instrumental album runs the gambit of genres keeping it at a rather uptempo experience that is great. I really love the track "Lolita Can Dance" it's tastefully done sax in music that isn't jazz quite the feat, Seriously check these guys out, stop being lame all your life. Oh did I mention free download on band camp, What are you waiting for?

Lord of Doubts s/t

If You've ever passed out hugging a toilet then this Russian Doom is for you. this guys don't hide the fact that they are heavily influenced by Doom forefathers Electric Wizard, but it's good to see Doom come out of Russia that doesn't lean towards the Gothic Doom spectrum. Personally I think there are some nice psychedelia parts but it doesn't take away from the heaviness.  So light it up, pass it left, and let the couch gravity take you in it's clutches.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kurouma 3

I actually really like this album, Anymore there are so many ISIS clones out there now a days that you can throw a stick and hit someone who is in one of these kind of bands, but these guys do pretty well by me. One thing that stuck to me about this album is the vocals some of the clean parts are just haunting I dig it a lot. the drums seem to be following the tribal trend, but it's not too over bearing...all in all it looks like these Finnish Rockers know what they are doing, so yea free download on bandcamp give them a listen and let me know what you think.