Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Curmedgeon "Human Ouroboros Tape"

 Hardcore punk from Boston. There isn't a song on this Album that's over 1:19, which I find refreshing. I like the name of this band, apparently Webster describes it as a bad tempered, cantankerous person. it's also a
Nirvana song. Anyway if Hardcore Punk Rock is your bag, check it out.


Consciousness Removal Project "The Last Season"

This is some of the most dynamic music I've heard in a LONG while, not to mention ambitious. The blending of classical instrumentation with the wet delayed guitars makes for an interesting juxtaposition, Especially when the everything jumps into a groove. Their influences don't stop at just post metal, there are some interesting electronica and borderline industrial things happening in the back ground. Now usually I can take or leave that whole sphere of music, but it's subtle enough that it's not too much. Think the Heavy-ness of Pelican's Australasia with the ambiance of an 80's movie soundtrack (something sci fi).  This band is writing symphonies, not songs and they are using everything at their disposal to make something that is beautiful , moving, crushing and inspiring.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Murder Therapy

Its always amazing to watch a band evolve; to see them take their own sonic form. Murder Therapy may be one of the more startling transformations that ive seen as of yet. Breaking away from their vintage-flavored death metal roots, they've found a sound that could best be described as "post-death metal".
When i first heard this video, i thought that i had stumbled across another, albeit good, band of Neurosis imitators. That notion didn't last very long, as the music kept building until reaching a technical metal climax, residing somewhere between the earlier works of Mastodon and Death. As much as they seem to differ, when you give these guys a listen, i can assure you that it will make perfect sense. From what ive heard thus far, Murder Therapy is taking an already experimental genre one step further than most, and marrying two diametrically opposed styles quite beautifully. This is one band to definitely keep an eye on.


Of Legend- Cleric Of Samsara

After putting off getting started on reviewing anything, i've come across a band that made me not want to procrastinate any longer. These guys take all the things that i love about atmospheric metal and deliver it with a purpose. The riffs plod along like good doom should, but never dwell on things longer than necessary. In a style of music that usually winds up a competition of song length, Of Legend deliver the goods while never overstaying their welcome. The atmosphere is dense and the songs are heavy, but not so much that it takes away from the meditative nature of the compositions. The vocals are powerful and delivered in a Cult Of Luna-like fashion. Definitely worth hearing.
Get it on bandcamp (name your own price- always a plus) http://oflegend.bandcamp.com/