Sunday, May 1, 2011

Murder Therapy

Its always amazing to watch a band evolve; to see them take their own sonic form. Murder Therapy may be one of the more startling transformations that ive seen as of yet. Breaking away from their vintage-flavored death metal roots, they've found a sound that could best be described as "post-death metal".
When i first heard this video, i thought that i had stumbled across another, albeit good, band of Neurosis imitators. That notion didn't last very long, as the music kept building until reaching a technical metal climax, residing somewhere between the earlier works of Mastodon and Death. As much as they seem to differ, when you give these guys a listen, i can assure you that it will make perfect sense. From what ive heard thus far, Murder Therapy is taking an already experimental genre one step further than most, and marrying two diametrically opposed styles quite beautifully. This is one band to definitely keep an eye on.

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